Amarillo Texas

Originally named Oneida, Texas, Amarillo lies in the panhandle and it’s the 14th city in Texas for the population with 190,695 people as of the 2010 census.

Amarillo is home to many of the large ranches that you hear about in the lone star state. In the late 1890s, Amarillo had shined through as one of the busiest cattle-shipping regions and with that, the population soared.

As many southern and midwestern states were, Amarillo was hit by the Dust Bowl that threw the nation into an economic depression. Soon, Routes 60, 66, 87 and 287 were joined together and there was a quick boon to the economy.

This quickly became a tourist route with motels, curio shops and restaurants. Then, World War II came along and with that, the Amarillo Army Air Field was established and bombs and ammunition were produced at the Pantex Army Ordnance Plant. These were both closed after World War II.

In 1950, The Pantex Plant was again opened and began producing nuclear weapons through the cold War. By 1951, the air base was also reactivated.

As more servicemen and their families arrived, the city’s depression ended and the economy again soared. The population bloomed to 137,969 and continued to grow. However, in 1968, when they closed the air base, the population shrank to 127,000.

Just as most of Texas, Amarillo is relatively flat. Located near the mid of the Texas Panhandle it doesn’t have the same weather patterns that south and east Texas has. It offers up little soil drainage when it rains, however, the region also has a few lakes and the water from rainfall tends to evaporate into these lakes and accumulate there.

Situated much closer to Oklahoma and New Mexico, as well as, Colorado Amarillo than it does to the state capital of Austin. Texas.