Know Your Rights Before Renting An Apartment

Before you go out to rent the luxury Westlake apartments, it is advisable that you should know your rights first. Knowing your rights will not only make your renting experience pleasant but will also ensure that you do not have to bear anything unnecessarily. Here are some of the rights that the renters should know before renting an apartment.

Having habitable premise is your primary right. While you are not really entitled to the five-star amenities, it’s your right that you rent some place that is habitable. So, what actually is called habitable? It is a premise that has safe structure elements including walls, roofs, floors, secure windows & doors. All the plumbing, electrical, air conditioning and heating systems should be in proper working order. It should have working cold and hot water systems and access to the trash receptacles.

In case if the apartment suffers some defects which make it inhabitable then it is the duty of the landlord to get things fixed. There are apartments where you are allowed to make the repair requests online and they also have an emergency phone number as well. But you should always ensure that your requests are documented somehow. After that the landlord is allowed a specific time limit for doing all the repairs. However if they don’t, there are several re-courses that you can opt for, like withholding rent till repairs are done or paying somebody for fixing your problem and deducting this repair cost from the rent. If you opt for this option then it further increases the importance of having documented communications with the landlord.

Right of privacy is another right that the renters have. Though the property is owned by landlord, they don’t have the freedom to barge in whenever they want. There are laws in every state in which renters’ right of privacy during then rent period is stated. In fact, the only situation when it is allowed for landlords to enter your rental apartment without taking any permission is in case of any emergency which threatens property damage or injury.

But other than that, your permission is necessary for the landlords to enter the apartment. There are apartment managers or landlords who try bullying their renters when it comes to giving permission. Do not give in. In case you are bugged more from the landlord unnecessarily and he does not listen to your requests of leaving the premises then you can simply sue him for invading your privacy.

All the renters enjoy the right of having safe premise as well. All the accidents or crimes which occur on the premises cannot be prevented by the landlord, but if some injury or crime occurred due to the negligence of landlord, they can be sued for any kind of damages and the costs that might have been incurred.